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September 14, 2005 by ADD Girl
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September 12, 2005 by ADD Girl
I cried for help for New Orleans when Katrina came
I screamed in fear and in agony
My tears were more than the rivers could hold
The waters rushed through the floodgates, taking its toll
Katrina left as quickly as she blew in, taking the rain with her
No matter, my tears for those lost, only added to the depth
Help me, Oh God, I prayed, as the waters rose
The night came but it did not bring rest, the weary wore on
Throughout the night an eerie silence prevailed
Death crept through the ...
September 11, 2005 by ADD Girl
The Mayor of New Orleans is Black and according to the Louisiana State of Emergency Plan, he is the one responsible for calling the evacuations.

With just a few clicks on the key board, I found a 2000 census for Orleans Parish and the State of Louisiana.
O. P. State
White persons 28.1% ...
September 4, 2005 by ADD Girl
I say that these people are in low economics because of the choices they make. The government gives people money to keep having babies. More babies mean more money.

The government also gives money to people of low economics for education.

Therefore, on one side of the fence you have those that want the government to support them because they are just to damn lazy to work, these people are parasites that just feed off the system.

On the other side of the fence are the people that use t...
September 1, 2005 by ADD Girl
What is happening is that there are some people who think they can take over they city of New Orleans.

They think that keeping the rescuers from coming in, that they have control over the city.

I know this sounds crazy, but these people are crazy.

What you are about to read is something that was heard over a police scanner. Whether it actually happens this way or not is still a question on everyone’s mind.

This is the deal! The government is about to enforce a no fly zone over New ...
September 1, 2005 by ADD Girl
New Orleans 2

Today I have learned that every school bus and driver in the state has been put on a roster for rotation to drive the refugees from the Superdome to wherever they may end up.

Here in Shreveport gas stations are already running out of gas.

There is low water pressure from the overload on the water supply and sewage pumps.

The grocery stores can’t even keep up with the demands.

I live in a nice neighborhood and right down the road from me is the university LSUS.
August 31, 2005 by ADD Girl
New Orleans

I live in Shreveport, Louisiana and I work at a place where hurricane refugees are coming in to get info about the situation in New Orleans.

I have seen family after family today trying to get in touch with other family members in New Orleans. One women cries because she can’t reach her husband, another cries because she just got through to her daughter.

The phone circuits are constantly busy.

Cell phone towers are nonexistent.
I heard one awful story after the other....
August 5, 2005 by ADD Girl
had just bought a bag of Cheetos and a Coke from this hole in the wall gas station. I walked back to my car and stepped off the curb. My foot was positioned in such a way that when it hit the pavement it felt like my foot went one direction and my leg went in another. (O.K. it hurt, but I like to over exaggerate, so, it felt like it was BROKE!!!)

Well, that in itself would have not been so bad…but I am a procrastinator.

It goes like this…

Three days ago (Monday) it started with a headac...
August 3, 2005 by ADD Girl
Before my husband and I pursued the option of Invitro-fertilization we wanted to find out what our religion had to say on the subject. the Catholic church believes that as long as all the viable embryos are implanted and none are frozen, then it is o.k .

They feel that at the moment that the sperm penetrates the egg and cell division begins, the soul is created. Therefore, if any of the embyros are frozen they are held in captivity and the Bible strongly teaches against holding the innoce...